Earth Day Countdown

2024/04/20 00:00:00

Join us for a day of celebration and education at the Newberry Street Festival Center on April 20, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Explore exciting activities, educational exhibits, and engaging vendors, all dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

Activities Include:

  • Puppet Show
  • Pickleball Academy
  • Educational activities
  • Soil screening
  • Environmental education
  • Kid zone
  • Live animals
  • Walk in the woods (Hitchcock Woods)

Schedule of Events

8:00 AM: Exhibitor set up
9:00 AM: Open to the public
9:30 AM: Walk in the Woods (first come, first serve)
10:00 AM: Awards to Art contest winners
10:30 AM: Puppet Show
11:00 AM: Presentation from the stage
11:00 AM: Walk in the Woods (first come, first serve)
1:00 PM: Event ends

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about how you can make a positive impact on our planet!


EARTH DAY began in 1970 and is celebrated annually in April to promote responsible use and conservation of the planet’s resources. Global in scope, this event is celebrated in over 190 countries. Some nations and communities celebrate Earth Day for an entire week, staging parades and scheduling other events that promote a green theme, conservation and sustainability practices.

Earth Day founding was preceded by national and local Arbor Day observances, both focused on during the month of April.  Arbor Day is now largely subsumed within the broader umbrella of Earth Day.  Arbor Day is observed by many communities as either a stand-alone observance or one of several activities within Earth Day.

The Arbor Day Foundation designates qualified cities as Tree Cities, USA.  Aiken was designated a Tree City, USA in 1985.

The City of Aiken is embracing the goals of Earth Day and simultaneously promoting our Aiken’s Tomorrow Green City theme by involving the entire community in a festive celebration at the Newberry Street Festival Center on April 20, 2024. Please join us.


Working with the Aiken City Public Services Department, we interact with local businesses, residents, schools, community leaders, volunteers, and activist groups to utilize Earth Day Aiken as a city-wide festival to promote environmental stewardship.

Our intent is to:

  1. CELEBRATE – To bring the community together to celebrate the planet’s wonders and the city’s green heritage and recent initiatives.
  2. INFORM – To promote and provide activities that demonstrate environmentally friendly practices for residents and visitors.
  3. ADVOCATE – To serve as a launch pad for initiatives that help to realize ways we can improve our local environment and quality of life.
  4. COORDINATE – To assist the citizens of Aiken in preserving the Earth’s resources and extend the reach of the Earth Day Aiken message throughout the year.